Happy mothers day !!!

Mom’s name – Anna , age 35

How many children – Me and sister: 2

Mom’s profession – Doctor

Description of mom’s character- she got orange-red and white hair, my mom was tall and she got young face:

What does she like? – she like us more than something else.

What do I remember from my childhood about mom – Her black hair, when she decide to color her hair that color.

How do I help her with the housework – first I tidy my room, than cook my breakfast, my mom always thankful.

How does she spend time with me – She love to help us play on musical instruments or play puzzle games.

What did mom do for your family – make love, she looks like a love angel.

Thank you mom for… having me and I am happy to have you, HAPPY MOMS DAY ❤🧡

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