Hi everyone I am Lily my Last name is Minasyan . I live in Armenia, Erevan in Mushavan 10th street. My house address is 17/1 . We have 6 rooms , first is my granny’s room , second is my sister’s and my room , third is kitchen, forth is living room , fifth is my parents room and bathroom . There is a toilet in bathroom, a sink , a shower and washing machine. Our kitchen furniture is all red and black. There is a tables, many shelfs , dishwasher machine , cup shelf , oven, sink, fridge, stove and microwave. Our Living room is big. We have a TV , 3 tables and gray big sofa. There is a bunk bed in my room, a book shelf , a shelf , two tables and an armchair . My parents furniture is all white. There is a bed, white closet and dressing table with mirror. My granny’s furniture is all pastel yellow and brown . There is a bed, closet , dressing table and sewing machine.

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