English about Winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year. Anything is frozen.

The nights get longer and the days get shorter.

You can see the ground covered with snow.

It snows a lot in the winter.

Some animals like bears, hedgehogs, bats, turtles hibernate during winter.

Snowflakes are falling on the ground.

Water freezes and the pongs get covered with ice. You have to be careful not to slip on the ice.

Icicles hand from the rooftops. Mast of the trees are bare , without leaves . But evergreen trees keep their leaves. people shovel the snow of the paths and the driveway.

Let‘s see what we should wear in winter to keep as warm! Sweater, bots, jacket, scarf, beanie hat, gloves. Children love playing in the snow and having snowballs fights. They are having fun building snowman. The girl is ice-skating! Two little girls are sledding down the hill. A boy is skiing. snowboarding is very fan, too! The girl is making a snow angle! But now it‘s getting late and everyone goes home. It ‘t so good to sit by the fireplace and worm our hands and feet… and have a hit chocolate. If you come some cold, you can have a hot tea. … or you can wrap yourself up in a blanket to keep you warm. It is snowing heavily. You should better stay indoors.



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