Robin hood and his merry men

There are many legends and songs about Robin Hood. The legends say
that he and his three hundred men lived in Sherwood Forest, not far from the
town of Nottingham. His men dressed in green and were good at shooting
with bows and arrows.
Robin Hood and his merry men attacked and robbed the rich and
helped the poor as much as they could.
More than once the Sheriff of Nottingham tried to catch Robin and
his merry men, but he couldn’t. Robin always fooled his enemies.
Once Robin played a trick on one of the Sheriff’s men whom he met in
the forest. The man had orders to arrest Robin Hood. But he did not know
who he was talking to. “Help me to fi nd Robin,” he said to Robin Hood, “and I shall give you half the money that I’ll get for his head.” “All right,” said Robin, “let’s go to
Nottingham. We shall find Robin Hood there. I know him, and I’ll help you to catch him.” When they came to the town, Robin gave the man so much drink that he fell asleep. After that Robin walked off, and the man had to pay the bill.
Some time after, Robin and his friends came to Nottingham to take part in a shooting contest held there by the Sheriff. The prize, an arrow of gold, was for the best shot. Robin, who was dressed like a beggar, won the prize. The next evening as the Sheriff was going to bed, an arrow with a letter on it suddenly whistled through the open window of his bedroom. The Sheriff read, “Thank you for the golden arrow. It was a good prize for my shooting. Robin Hood.”

Complete the statements correctly.

Robin Hood and his merry men lived in the forest as Sherwood

Robin Hood and his merry men attacked the rich as poor as they could.

Once Robin Hood met one of the Sheriff’s men of Nottingham

When they came to the town they want to catch Robin hood.

What happened when…? Finish the sentences.

When one of the Sheriff’s men came to the forest they want to catch the Robin Hood and his marry men.

  1. When Robin came to the town with one of the Sheriff’s men
  2. When Robin walked off …
  3. When Robin and his merry men came to take part in a shooting
  4. When the Sheriff was going to bed …

Things to think about.

  1. The Sheriff couldn’t catch Robin Hood as …
  2. The soldier didn’t know who he was talking to as …
  3. The Sheriff’s soldier had to pay the bill as …
  4. The Sheriff had to give the prize to Robin as …

Լեզվական նյութ՝ Հարցական նախադասություններ, հարցերի տեսակները: I learned ✅

Happy mothers day !!!

Mom’s name – Anna , age 35

How many children – Me and sister: 2

Mom’s profession – Doctor

Description of mom’s character- she got orange-red and white hair, my mom was tall and she got young face:

What does she like? – she like us more than something else.

What do I remember from my childhood about mom – Her black hair, when she decide to color her hair that color.

How do I help her with the housework – first I tidy my room, than cook my breakfast, my mom always thankful.

How does she spend time with me – She love to help us play on musical instruments or play puzzle games.

What did mom do for your family – make love, she looks like a love angel.

Thank you mom for… having me and I am happy to have you, HAPPY MOMS DAY ❤🧡

Առաջին ուսումնական շրջանի ամփոփում: English


I finish this all exercises

Letter to my friend.


My school

My info planet

I want to be…

The adjective
How other countries celebrate New Year.
Letter to Santa

Dear Santa… 🎅💌

My lovely teacher

My house

English. Self-examination

Name Lily


1.       Write the plural forms.

1. I can see two fish  in the fish tank.

2. How many children are there in the school yard?

 3. We still need three more forks and (knife) knives for our dinner guests.

 4. Many trees lose their (leaf) leaves in the fall.

5. Many (deer) deer live in that forest.

6. Sharks can grow thousands of (tooth) teeth in a lifetime.

7. What is the population of Mexico? How many (person) people live there?

2. Please write the correct form of the adjective in parentheses.

1. Timmy is (young) younger than his brother. ..

2. Sheila ran faster than I did.

 3. Tom is angrier than his boss about the situation.

 4. The book is slower than the movie.

5. The weather is hotter today than yesterday.

 6. Jeff is the biggest football player on the team.

 7. Tom is the happiest of all the students.

3. Tell me please about your favorite story we have learnt this year.

My favorite story is Hamlet and Author of this story is Shexpire 

4.       Read and retell the story.


One day Minny, a mouse, came to her friend. Her friend, an old gray mouse, asked her to sit down at the table and have some tea with her. She put two cups of tea and some bread on the table. She said she had no sugar and no cheese and butter to eat with the bread. But she said that there was a mouse in town* who had a lot of good things to eat. Minny said that she often visited her cousin who lived in town. They had a lot of meat, butter, cheese and sugar in their house. They had sweets and chocolates, too. But there was a big animal with green eyes, a big mouth and very big teeth. He lived in that house. All the mice were afraid of that animal.* ‘I know, my dear, it is a cat. I am afraid of cats myself,’ said the old gray mouse. ‘Yes, that’s a cat,’ said Minny. ‘You see, my dear, they have a lot of good things to eat but they are afraid of that animal. I think it is better to have only bread and tea than to live in fear.’

Your mark is 10

🏫My school📖

Hi , its me Lily. My school name is Mkhitar Sebastatsi Education. Our education has many schools , first is North , second is South , third is West and East. My school is North school. We have a big yard, when its 12 half o’clock we go to play in yard. We have a cute dog. Her name is Aty. She has 8 puppies. In enter of school we have unknown statue and it made with yellow colored metal. We have a big Ground floor and we name it Art-ասահման։ Here is my big school.


Hi everyone I am Lily my Last name is Minasyan . I live in Armenia, Erevan in Mushavan 10th street. My house address is 17/1 . We have 6 rooms , first is my granny’s room , second is my sister’s and my room , third is kitchen, forth is living room , fifth is my parents room and bathroom . There is a toilet in bathroom, a sink , a shower and washing machine. Our kitchen furniture is all red and black. There is a tables, many shelfs , dishwasher machine , cup shelf , oven, sink, fridge, stove and microwave. Our Living room is big. We have a TV , 3 tables and gray big sofa. There is a bunk bed in my room, a book shelf , a shelf , two tables and an armchair . My parents furniture is all white. There is a bed, white closet and dressing table with mirror. My granny’s furniture is all pastel yellow and brown . There is a bed, closet , dressing table and sewing machine.

My favorite place to be

I have a lot of favorite places and one of them is AGHVERAN RESORT. I love it, because I have a small group , we are only five , me , Leo , Lilit, my sister Adriana and my favorite friend Lily (not me). There is a sauna and four swimming pools. first is outdoor pool, second is Indoor pool and third is two sauna pools. I love Indoor pool , because we usually swim at evening. There is a small hot pool . My friends and me love to sit on hot pool and than go out and jump to cold big pool and cry – We are happy and we want happiness forever. Often we go to swim in river without parents and we love to catch frogs from river, or go to fishing with handmade hook from small pond.